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We build community

We connect and share

to consolidate healthy and strong relationships and communities

to consolidate

healthy and strong

relationships and communities.

Why do we build community?

The social reality in Mexico presents a situation of unprecedented violence, which affects in an increasingly profound and complex way the different aspects of people’s lives. 

At Building Community we know that violence is a cultural phenomenon, people are not violent by nature, we have the ability to unlearn violence and develop peaceful ways of relating

Building community from a restorative perspective allows us to learn new ways of relating based on respect and mutual support. Thus, we transform our relationships, enhance our capabilities as people and strengthen our communities.

At Building Community we help you develop Restorative Practices:


  • Empathic Listen
  • Statements and Affective Questions
  • Restorative Spontaneous Meetings
  • Peace Circles
  • Restorative Conference

How do we build community?


We help transform conflicts and punitive practices into opportunities to improve relationships and enhance individual and community capacities.


We give talks, workshops, courses and programs focused on developing knowledge and skills for the application of restorative practices.


We implement participatory methodologies focused on the needs, expectations and values ​​of people, with a restorative approach.

Testimonies of the Project

Towards a restorative school culture.

“Restorative practices contribute to making our ideal school a reality, raising the positive self-esteem of students, so that they feel part of an equitable society free of violence, with opportunities for personal and academic growth, and with broad control in the management of emotions ”.

Teachers Morning Shift

“We found in Building Community, an effective alternative to change the way in which we resolve school conflicts, through restorative practices, an approach that we accept as a school group to prevent and solve problematic situations in the future. It has been a committed job and we are in the process of learning even more, strengthening our restorative team and involving all mothers, fathers, tutors and students. We still have a long way to go, but we are convinced of fostering true social change in our community”.

Mtro. Carlos Antonio Enciso.

Supervisor, Secundarias Técnicas, Jalisco, México

“Restorative practices create a harmonious and favorable environment for the learning and coexistence of students, parents and the school community: We learn to resolve conflicts assertively, we improve the way we communicate, we practice values, to make students feel safe and respected by developing interpersonal skills, creating caring and compassionate human beings ”.

Teachers Afternoon Shift

Are you interested in donating?

We believe that the world can be a better place to live.

You can also build community. You can contribute your time, your talents, or financially

With your help we can strengthen community ties and improve the sustainability of humanity and the planet.

You can be part of the change!


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